Middleware -- More Description

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Middleware -- More Description

Post by paulivan » Fri Jun 19, 2020 10:06 am

Hello world !!

[When you are expired status of evaluation, please "delete middle-ware" under Item <CAD 9-E, 10> or "get ProductID" from epOffice.]

More Description:

1) Relative Device for middleware-stuff , please stability and fixed usable status, after adding and the writting func, the drawing configure, will be usable system to preform the specific yield/field, to analysis and to monitor status to your report and service.

2) "delete middleware" --> only binary file will be fixed and stability for your specific field/yield to public news.

3) "get ProductID" --> apply for Reserved registration of ProductID, to prepare user's production and middleware-stuff, binary only.

----[This site and status]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

1) This site is including Virtual Device to keep software service only to virtualization of calculation in computer.

2) The extension of hardware to user is under hardware device's eula and any status.

This site and personality education have to seperate of status to be responsibility.

Best regards


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