What is ep iLogic?

EP iLogic CAD at Galance

      iLogic own the ability of CAD (Communication / Connective / Configuration). It owns document method self to implement those abilities. There have many specific items to be described, listed below:

  • Support logic functions / build them for the conceptive objects / build from user.
  • Build the Lib (Integrated 4C / to assemble logic functions) of LCOD (Layer Conception of documents) in which the project of requirement or new one. Useful and easy use method.
  • It can build the program of functions which are embedded configuration in this iLogic documents.
  • Provide Virtual Device projects for iLogic to implement CAD way. This software is called ‘Middle-ware’ which is designed for iLogic CAD. This way needs Middleware to be extension of calculation.
  • It uses template files. User can use template accumulating the abilities of iLogic documents for next or new project.
  • It has monitor status from Virtual Device/middleware. It means iLogic can monitor whole status of document to test or certificate this project. Make sure the configuration(documents) are rights and reserved.
  • LCOD (Layer Conception of Documents), Combine all of six types of objects and all of conception to be United.

Who use EP iLogic CAD properly?
  • Assistence Engineer (AE)
  • (Virtual Device) / Module Design (SI)
  • Middleware in user’s program / bulild & Add FLC (Func & Logic).
  • Programming change and design with CAD.

[Personal, Free Edition] EP iLogic V1.1.29 CAD, Limited 300 objects

The version is V1.1.29, Free Edition.  This edition is for Personal Edition


[Standard Edition], EP iLogic V1.2.29 Tester, Isolation purpose,

    Those versions are V1.X.29, The version mainly was added [Republic][Architecture] solution to be easy of connection. [Uniting] is under evaluation,  Download is available. That is very convenience to integrate system. V1.X.29 on this word-press.  After 29th released version will be on this blog. 

 Download Page

If you are interesting of version status, new function, please contact us, I will respond soon.

Download Virtual Device V0.1 (Middleware) is available.

     The pre-released version of Middleware. This program mainly be isolated of FUNCs and equations. It made you develop open/closed loops program easily. It made you have CAD ability to control.  In FUNC’s DLL you just write about equations and description, that It can be loaded in EP iLogic.  After using you have the abilities of Conception Aided Design with EP iLogic.  Download Information.


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After registering OK, you get authorized software and show registered.


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