How to increase the abilities of LCOD to improve program level !!

1. Why use LCOD ?

LCOD is abstract model of level and layer.  Human thinking is like this model to dispatch the world. Of course one layer can extent the branch and point out that we can see that. When the inside of branch we can not see them and only watch the input and output to consider of status.

When one of user builds  based system and institute of branch to intergate with others, at this time we need iLogic LCOD the combine of them to be unit.  finally we just have inputs / outputs to consider of . Decrease the thinking and the loading to complete the researching.

2. What is the next of LCOD ?

EP iLogic  Version Control !!

EP iLogic V0.1 Personal Edition    beta     in the internet  ( always beta )

This version is personal edition , personal use only,  One PC  one account !!

This edition is for testing to prepare the researching.

Use iLogic and find one target project and develop.

we announced to release 0.1  beta   before  then changed to (0.2 Standard Edition)

EP iLogic Standard Edition 0.2

Standard Edition we have efford in data security and safty.

Those Data will be bonded in that workstation and will not use

it  in other workstation.

EP iLogic Machine  0.3  (pending)

Middleware can upload ilogic document to Viewer or CAD .


When are we releasing No beta ?

After beta version , and accessing problems.

No Beta version is for engineering status.  Author need to implement and do researching ,

make version 0.3 and consider of imformation of testers.


Why did not release Middleware in the internet ?

This software is released only after contacting author and developer !!

In the Internet only for CAD and Viewer to evaluation the environment,

no aided designing .


Who have the Middleware to develop system ?

Ivan Perng  (epOffice)

Virtual Device

Arduino for iLogic


contact us :


Alex Kuo is licensed

(for Arduino )

鼎天科技    RoyalTek





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