Island and I that take break to make advertisements !!

Hello World !!

The picture photo from Taiwan. East coast to see that island. It likes turtle and mountain.

Slowly developing the next goal of LCOD.  That island and I that take break to make advertisements about EP iLogic Viewer/CAD/Tester.  Now I am not necessary to build and develop new functionalities, because the LCOD (Layer Conception of Document) system already was built in version Version 1.1.  Now we just to make advertisement and everyone know it that our purpose of next.

Did you have any experience of using LCOD ?   In physic world you really know this conception,  that is abstract and rule of language. Here we created this and told everyone, you can and build them  to be power up projects. Just object to line and line to object.  After researching and developing I  I believe this way will bring the wonderful imagination and easy job to decrease your loading of job.

The developing of new functionalities that take a break like turtle island of non-moving in the Pacific Ocean.  It maybe be huge and awesome in your view-points. So users please keep the level to build up high value and worth, let’s make wonderful world we wish.

“^Accentropy” , This currently  were under planning,  this shall be executed in future.  please subscribe our blog and we will bring news for reader.

Ivan Perng in HsinChu.

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