It has over 100k visitors of dca store here. Welcome and Have nice day.

Hello world !!

Thanks of visitors,  It has over 100k visitors of [DCA Store] here.  The attached image record of currently count.   It collects many comments visitors send us  here and under accessing.  The count of comments are eight hundred five messages. I will reply them properly.   Welcome and have nice days.  Keep good jobs to you.

This blog has serviced almost for 5 years,  so I think we limit and focus on EP iLogic and middleware to develop.  Now It is advertisment and provide download link,  When you think this blog is useful for you, please mail us comments,  and get ProductID, register and get authorized software after donation. That will keep your worths and thanks of supproting us.

Finally now this blog , many people know and welcome, I wish everyone have their expect of worths , everyone have nice mood in everyday.

Ivan Perng in Hsinchu.

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