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Know Issues with EP iLogic V1.1.28

Date:  20191108 Program:  EP iLogic CAD Version:   V1.1.28.4048(CAD)   V1.1.28.3885(Viewer) FileName:     iLogic.exe   iLogic_Viewer.exe Issued Lists: “Template save as…” with Read Only function is not work  for CAD/Viewer. SetValue function is not suited… Read more »

WordPress Blog — Living are interesting.

| — Ivan Perng’s epOffice Software Space Contact us: Google: EPOFFICE:   Mobile: +886-983116186 Introduce this Site This site is under WordPress (Blog System). Our effort for making good… Read more »

Bug Report — 20191026 — Another the resolve

This resolve will be used in any FrameCount you set up in downloader of EP iLogic.  [Another the resolve] case 0x6A: {    static int MaxInfoLen=0; unsigned char i,infolen; if( (pld->LgInfoPos+StartAddr*MaxInfoLen+infolen)>(EEP_SIZE+100)… Read more »