Middle-ware V01 & V02 , Different status !!

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Hello all

Yesterday, I test large connections of file with EP-iLogic, I found a situation that Middle-ware V01 is not work at overload of register number (16bits). Remind user when the Middle-ware is set V01, please do not use register number over 65535. When It is over 65535 , The middle-ware will be wrong status of display line status, please change that middle-ware to Version 02 will be large than 65535. User know this status will be correctly on running middle-ware to application. So I changed to Middle-ware V02, and loadded large connections of project file was OK and stable to be preform. Our users, When you have any problems of EP iLogic or any status need to inform me, I shall be glad to listen and to hear from your inquire/project.

Ivan Perng in Hsin-chu.

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