Download EpiLogic v. is available.

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Hello all

As title, user can download 20211017 EpiLogic v.


This version debug many problems, listed below:

  • Debug, while halt program will raise up a exception.
  • Debug, Template Reduce memory usage.
  • Memory Leak problem. MemType = 4 Procedure, to reduce the usage of memory.
  • Debug, Confirmed code is ‘00000’ problems made
    LIB reading & loading be unstable.
  • Update&Downloader Enable SaveBin / ReadBin.

This version, debug many problems, especially memory leak problem, so when user is used huge diagram, after close form, the usage of memory will be free. The program do not often raise Out out Memory event. Current I test objects about one Million count. When user work and develop to this kind of limitation please to separate files and reduce the usage of memory. Next purpose I may use directly file access to operate of drawing and viewer.

Ivan Perng in Hsin-chu, Taiwan.

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