Tester of EpiLogic will be continuous of file type FType = 4.

Hello all

The project will be continuous that keep going on developing Ftype = 4 mode. First I have to say I must stable the personal edition version and then to start the standard edition. so current version of V1.2.29 CAD version ( personal use only) will be put into personal edition (1.1.29) and free use while evaluation, that personal edition is finally (Debug) to complete our purpose of development.

Ep iLogic Tester , the feature lists below:

  1. Template & Lib files (*.ilgt) are Isolation file, user can not copy out to extra machine use.
  2. File-Check and Add Check Sum for [Template]/[Lib]/[Project File]
  3. Tester can import the [Template][Lib] file from [Personal Edition] file.
  4. Tester for Application Hardware Execution.

so please waiting our develop to new version, get information of the structure of development and the relation will be easily job for your programming.

Thank you.

Ivan Perng in Hsinchu, Taiwan.

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