Tester is going to release in Standard Version.

Hello all

I listen radio and know the user status, that tester in needs. so I plan tester version to be released in future. It will be continuous of FType =4 and isolation of the project/ *.iigt files, so tell user that there have requirement and well to profit. so CAD will not disappear in Standard Version (Personal Use Purpose), so when user want to draw the diagram with CAD please use Personal Edition to implement.

When user want to test the diagram and LCOD please import from Personal Edition Project file and *.ilgt to do well test will make stable and security for requirement. so please use waiting the new version of Standard Version ( Personal Use Purpose) .

I consider of license status that it is properly to bond the machine well to operation of document. User will see [WEO@Machine_Name], that document is bonded by Machine. that machine are reserved and use lcod to make sure of all rights. WEO is [Evaluated Opening User in Workstation], so please when you release or production, need to consider of license of ProductID… Tell user to apply for.

Ivan Perng in Hsinchu, Taiwan.

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