Pccillin detect on Ep iLogic CAD/Viewer,Result are not malware and not having any virus, on Windows 10 Home

Hello all

epOffice inform Micro Trend to certificate of their system with Ep iLogic, follow the instruction, currently the results are not malware, not have any virus with CAD program on Windows 10 Home version. We shall keep the status and state to well service and to provide. Pccillin on Windows 10, that program does not raise warnings and alarms for detecting malware and any virus. I post this to tell the user, please use newly OS windows 10 to install Ep iLogic and well to develop LCOD (Layer conception of documents). Windows 7 is under testing for 2021 Pccillin, please waiting the result of our testing to develop.

Best regards

Ivan Perng in Hsinchu, Taiwan.

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