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Hello all

Personal Free Edition will lock the file when project to other PC, so I make decision to unlock file after registration with configuration form, When you want project to be on other PC, please use Personal Free Edition to save and personal meaning to move project. The standard edition of project files are isolated and only Personal Edition verson save as with FType = 3 to open project in other PC. I said this new to users and let users to know the situation will be security and safty to development. Standard Edition use FType = 4 will be isolated the lib and without confirmed code will not open the projects correctly and maybe it is incorrect data and diagram.

Please Install Personal Free Edition and Standard Edition with your decision and make security for your development. Free edition can release project to other PC make you personal file access. When you only install Standard Edition it shall be isolated and other pc can not open that workstation file.

Thanks of you read this blog. I am preparing the future of software service of LCOD for more flex and easy/stable use. This CAD is ready of functionalities, That meaning currently I just debug only to new version. So User have any question or and status/state, please mail me, let us know that and will bring up you do the embedded of middleware easily.

Ivan Perng in Hsinchu, Taiwan.

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