Line Status of EpiLogic to Hex Displaying ,please limit the status

Hello all

Several Days I listened ICRT, and heard a problem and think the title I wrote.

Line Status of EpiLogic to Hex Display for Middleware, it is not all of 32bit displaying, I mean the value will multiple 100 to client Viewer/CAD, and that Client to multiple 0.01 to display the point of value like as 0.01 value to display. It maybe problem when full bits of 32 to send.

So please when you use hex display, that from Middleware of line status please limit value of small scale 0.01 from user sending. When it over 0.01 scale may be a problem of display , but It will not made middleware be wrong. So keep that status will be display ok.

Here I inform user to display and made limit to display will be ok.

When user have any problem or and status please inform me. I am glad to response and well to understand the status when you use. Thank you.

Best regards

Ivan Perng in Hsinchu, Taiwan

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