After 29th built-500X will hint the dca server and display the evaluation time and Update the information.

Hello all

After 29th built-5001, program will hint the dca server and display the evaluation time on Registration(draft) page , Update the information. If user did not connect and hint server with non-register status, it will not entry the program and show up the deny and close program, so please user know that new status , because I hear from student or younger’s experience. It need to registering information show up the usage when researching , I know the production will be a long way to be executing, so the first way and get ProductID and license, it is very important to user’s production.

I respect the user who do researching and the drawing to build up LCOD and Lib in future, so when it is expired, please need consider of your timing of evaluation. So when you have any idea and application please remember first is to register on your computer with installed software, inform everyone because LCOD is recording the builder and memo to implement of your idea, so register first is that user need want to do. It hope that the software will bring up you the business and have a nice day !!

Ivan Perng in Hsinchu, Taiwan.

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