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This site is under WordPress (Blog System). Our effort for making good of LCOD, so we decide engaging into this field. This goal is to provide highly efficient tools & software service. Our tools & software service can manage the information of process. Automatic devices(Virtual Device) have this kind of controller & tools to do something will be easy job in user’s design. The most efficiently abilities are the environment & documents, useful & easy use to assist the procedure.

We believe this easy way will be mainly design method. Because it can accumulate the knowledge & make it simple during using, those tools are not only fixed logic design but also abilities of extensive functions. It will be the best choice for the (Func & Logic, Configure). High performance & stable.



  • This site is changed to DCA Store, blog move to https://twicss.wordpress.com
  • This store currently not display posts and relative link. Please link to twicss.wordpress site.


  • Virtual Device,  Mechanical Virtualization of Engineering,  Limited Software Service.
  • https://dca.epoffice.org/   Subscribe


  • Start to pre-released [VirtualDevice V0.1 and version control.


  • This blog add commerce module.
  • Add iLogic(R) Categories.


  • Blog’s Link was added <http://dca.epoffice.org/wordpress>
  • 2017/03/11  Blog’s Site add Middleware page.


  • http://epenguin-reg.blogsite.org this URL site  is used to registered information  of EP iLogic.
  • 2015/01/25 Blog’s Site  —   Created on  epenguin-reg.blogsite.org,   Internal use only.

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