Category: Middleware

Bug Report — 20191026 — Another the resolve

This resolve will be used in any FrameCount you set up in downloader of EP iLogic.  [Another the resolve] case 0x6A: {    static int MaxInfoLen=0; unsigned char i,infolen; if( (pld->LgInfoPos+StartAddr*MaxInfoLen+infolen)>(EEP_SIZE+100)… Read more »

Bug Report – 20191026

Hello all The new version of 1.1.28 is not totally to match to middleware of TEPMWConponent, so Here I write this bug and tell everyone. This software source declared problem to… Read more »

How twicss of the business are ?

Hello world !! twicss is  [iLogic Connective System Site in Taiwan], those connective method of proposal are from Middleware Projects.  Middlewares were definition  that to communicate EP iLogic in EULA. The business… Read more »

Machinputer Project

Finally we are finishing the Arduino project for iLogic, and we want to make  internal releasing informaiton, those users must release them in their Institute. In epOffice , we change… Read more »