EP iLogic, Download Page

Date: 20210425

Version:  V1.2.29,  Tester, Personal Purpose of Standard Edition.

Donwload:  EP iLogic V1.2.29 20210425,


1.  Unlock force data  during evaluation.

2.  Register Form UseDays procedure !!

3.  Change to Start Web-Page.

4.  Modify , follow bug report.

5.  Modify Respberry Pi for iLogic, follow bug report.

Date: 20210109

Version V1.2.29 Update#1,

Download:  EP iLogic Tester V1.2.29 Update#1-20210109


1) Solve the registering problem and information procedure.

Date: 20201204   

Version:  V1.2.29,  Tester, Personal Purpose of Standard Edition.

Donwload:  EP iLogic V1.2.29 20201128,


1) Add CRC  with Lib and Template files.

2) Change “iLogic” Fold to “LCOD”

3) Support Virtual Deivce  and V1.2 Tester EULA.

4) Start up to Auto loading file procedure.

5) Change Logo and add twicss to form.

6) Change Hint sentence “Everything…” to “The field would be logical”

7)  Register document “*.odt” change to “*.doc” and version 2-5 to installsheild.

8) CAD (Computer Aided Design) rename to Tester for Virtual Device.

9) Lib/Republic in modified  inside of Lib. and show modified and effective lines and outputs (Change Color).

If user want to evaluate more time, please mail me to contact.

Update#1_iLogic_V1.1.28_ Those files ,
Please do replacement of executed file of v1.1.28 or to v1.1.27-2,
Report bug  #1 #2
Know Issues  #1
  • EP iLogic V1.1.27-2 20170309
  • EP iLogic V1.1.27-1 20170305
  • EP iLogic V1.1.26
  • EP iLogic V1.1.25
  • System Requirements

        Operating System:  Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8
        Ram:  1024 MB
        Monitor Resolution:  1024X728 Up !!