EULA 1.1 Personal (Currently)

[Version] 20230610


EP iLoigc CAD: One of projects in epOffice

EP iLogic Viewer: One of projects which is limited of CAD in epOffice

Personal Edition: Personal Use Only, one PC only for one account.

Standard Edition: This version is used in workstation with multi-user.

This Software: Viewer/CAD.

EULA: End User License Agreement, it is this document.

building i-Logic documents: *.ilg / *.ilgt files and Middleware of project.

ProductID: The records of registering production of starting code in epOffice notices.

epOffice: Simplified title of Author of ePenguin Office in the Internet. You can visit website <> to get more information.

LCOD: Layer Conception of Documents

User: Application Engineer / System Integration / Use Configure & Procedure. They have installed and used EP iLogic, A man has an E-Mail.

Registered Identification: The epOffice has your information about registering form you.

Registered Middleware: Post and Record in WebPage, Registered Informaiton Page.

WEO_User/OpenUser: User works under evaluated opening status and is limited at workstation.

Operative System: The environment of the Regulation of Automative Institute.

Virtual Device: The feature of calculation with operative system to make virtualization for physical world or for any conception before application law.

Miscellanuous File: Please not be used to basic output (I/O). That is history and tools’s document for newly feature in future. User can not delete that public file when you save to directory.

EP iLogic V1.1 Personal Edition — EULA (End User License Agreement)

[Items of Agreement]

Please carefully read this EULA, when one user installs this software & EULA that meaning this user agrees those items below and uses ‘EP i-Logic Viewer/CAD’.

1. Beta version of situation:

Beta version must be used to test and evaluation. This edition to be evaluated is Free and Limited 300 objects. Beta version please limit self with Virtual Device. When this software is expired, please register to this software. (20230610)

2. Exists Items of Principle :

EP iLogic Viewer/CAD , Copyright(c) 2014-2015,2021 Ivan Perng (epOffice/ePenguin Office), All Rights Reserved.

The author can add those items listed in this documents and put them on Web-Site. The Links is listed below:


3. Edition Purpose:

EP i-Logic Viewer/CAD Personal Edition mainly provides personal education, research and personal software development.When user uses into engineer of user’s projects. This user must do certainly the safety and responsible of status of device. This software can not be absolutely to do the safety with operative defects, so this software is not sustain of this obligation of unsure operation that can damage something and this user must response the situation.

4. Limited Warranty and Situation:

When EP iLogic Viewer/CAD Personal Edition is used into business version of user’s projects. To modify and to abuse damage something, this personal edition shall not be safety and not be to sustain of the obligation of the damage from un-authoring modified stuff. When user find any defect and operative situation with software, please logging and mail to  or post events, news ,let epoffice know that.

5. Evaluation, User at WorkStation:

When EP iLogic is unregistered, this user shall be [WEO_User] that is shown at dialog, that users build the building i-Logic documents shall be bonded and no data lock at workstation loyalty. It will be shared of documents and view the content of drawing in that workstation. When EP iLogic is registered status. Program shall record the information into documents and show the data at Dialog. User can not decode and modify those registered information.

6. Limited Registration:

One user have five times of registration of new confirmed code depends on user Registered Identification. One user is meaning that a man has an E-mail. When one user have over five times of registration, this program shall not be registered and then show dialog about deny. If user needs more registration of ProdcutID, that user must add his/her e-mail address to apply for. This version is Free, so when user register this software, this software will not show register form frequently.

7. Use and Status

When user uses EP iLogic, please do not exceeds operation, will be sure to certificate project, that meaning this license maybe terminate or damage user’s device and production,so be carefully. With this EULA, this user must be responsible of this statue of unsure operation to avoid the damage from defects & unsure dangerous. Single License has one of Registered Middleware to development. That meaning after installing this software, user’s personal computer in Institute and in Company may be allowed to applicate.

8. Registered Identification:

Registered Identification of workstation, shall be noticed by epOffice (<> ) Official Executor), those users in workstation shall be shown at epOffice Web site, Those Items are *<Name>, *< e-mail>, *<Projects Name>,*<Register Count>. *<> must be record. Those information you write on register form dialog is draft to be sent and to . Finally By registered user’s e-mail address will be written (20220521) in [Registration information].  (20230610)

9. Those sub- Items are description of restrictived status(A-HN):

(A) User can not to sell EP iLogic in user’s production. EP iLogic is not sold. EP iLogic do not be rend out. EP iLogic software service is also status. The software source declared can not be changed and be any modified. (B) To decode assembling is not allowed. Because Software Code is stability, when user change that code will raise up and unstable to each device. (C) User do not put the software in ftp service and downloading for everyone. EP iLogic is unique for each user, so user please keep this unique to development with your production. User also do not distribute this software. (D) User can not use unknown information of themself registering with the software, when user see unknown information in register form, please use delete that documents, and report to epOffice. please to know the registration information , please use web browser link to <<<<< Information>>>>>(20230610), you will know the really registration to documents. (E) That is using way of violence method shall terminate this licensee, and do not to use this software. Reporter will post the events and news to each licenser. (FC) User do not use in violence of military. user is not programming in violence of military.By Middle-ware EULA and <Item 9-E,Append>. (GN). User do not use at Attacking Devices or at Attacking Machines. (HN) <English: User do not use at sonar, microsound or accessing illusion of relative machines/devices. Item 9-E, Append>. <Chinese: 不可使用在 微波聲納 ,幻覺觸理, 等機器上使用 Item 9-E,Append>. epOffice will append the application of limitation by exists items to Extensive Subitems in internet to report and to notification. (I) User can not re-product with simillar the drawing and LCOD. (20230520)


10. Consultant (epOffice) and Responsibility

This software can not do absolutely safety under operative defects and when this software are found defects of program after executive consultant (epOffice), this software will do limited compensation 10 USD of first case of business project.

11. Isolation and Combine in Personal Workstation

Standard Edition include EP i-Logic Tester/Viewer into Setup File. This edition can use under one of registered account in workstation. They work together (Import Lib/Template ) and combine of LCOD to complete the requirement of project in workstation.

12. Mechanical Effective of Principle.

Mechanical Engineering , physical and motion, 1) please keep distance safety, when machine is running. 2) It is not allowed to output mechanical virbration to air space/wave boradcast. 3) In virtual environment to build up relative motion and interaction to contorller device (configure). 4) It is not allowed to reconfigure in each released production via radiation. 5) Follow CNS, JIS, ANSI, ISO or any Statndard of modulization to build automation.

[Privacy and Private]

The software caculate the layer of check code to made the building ilogic document shall be bonded in workstation, so we respect user who build drawing of document and application to user’s specific yield. also it is treat of yield is privated. When software service do enquirement, please just provide this software of any status and the software of information only. When enquirement ,software service just only receive and analysis program of unsure problem (or mail log to epoffice), and shall not output to user’s yield.


•     The user want to terminate license, please this user uninstall this software. The building i-Logic documents (LCOD directory) please will be forzen in your personal computer or the user delete them self.

•     When user raises [9-E] and illegal way.


[Forbidden Export Zone]

Burkina Faso,

    This software can not be used in that zone, and also can not export this software to that zone.  When raise up, please do not use that software in forbidden export zone.  

[Sub-Items Exists Listed]

20230610-Limited Sub-Items  from Home — ePenguin Office  

Please Read Limited Sub-Items ,,,  Exists before this page. 

[Version] 20230610