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Middleware  V01  V02


Copyright(c) 2014-2015 ePenguin Office, All rights reserved.

Add Limited Sub-Items of Middlewares

//  This documents was sync from in and in this blogsite.

//  Please read EUAL while installing EP iLogic in workstation.
//  Please read Chapter 13/14 User Manual of Chinese Version.
//        “(DATE)”    This item was modified on that Date.

//       “<DATE Status>”    This item was modified for status.   (20161226)

//       “<DATE Reserved>”  This item was modified to be properly.



<English>  <3-14>  Middleware do not be used under reproduct, and any reverse engineering. That is glad to add (20230610),  please fill up this document to finish evaluation.

<Chinese> <3-14> 中置/中階 軟體軟件,請勿被使用在重製產品,且請勿做反向工程,軟體使用採行加的方式因此請填資料 (this document) 完成評估。


20161210 Add Sub-Item

<English>  <3-13>   Define  Registered Middleware  of Chinese Fonts。

<Chinese>  <3-13>   Registered Middleware 中文定義 <制動器軟體>。



<English>  <3-12>    <20151205 Reserved>   <Chinese>   <3-12>   <20151205 保留>

20150628 Add Sub-Items <3-9> <3-10> <3-11>


<3-9>   (20150628)  , Modified & Add , Please Check it !!

<3-10>  Middleware Version ,  Chinese Language Define,   V01  V02

<3-11>  Middleware@TWICSS in epoffice.blogsite,in which  a part of projects transfer to TWICSS for  business.  It dose not be released, and It is telling every one that fixed project to compare the next goal.


<3-9>   (20150628)  , 加註說明。

<3-10>   中文定義     V01  中階軟件    V02  中置軟體/軟件

<3-11>  Middleware@TWICSS  為 epoffice blogsite (20161126) 一個專案移至 TWICSS  進行事務。  這裡討論的是為索新基方式,並廣告業務。


20150620   Add Sub-Item <3-7> <3-8>(20150628) Items


<3-7>    <20151205 Reserved>

<3-8>    Please do not use un-registered middle-ware to build electric and machinery with(20150628) engineer !!

<3-7>    <20151205 保留>

<3-8>    請勿使用未註冊的制動軟體,(20150628) 請勿使用在重電設施機械上 !!



<English>   Add <3-5> <3-6> Sub-Items

<3-5>  <20151205 Reserved>   <3-6>  <20151205 Reserved>

<Chinese>   增加 3-5, 3-6 項目:

<3-5>   <20151205 保留>     <3-6>   <20151205 保留>



<English>   Add <3-4> Sub- Items

<3-4>  Do not use middleware to do attacking and to do violence  human body.

<Chinese>  增加 3-4  項目

<3-4> 請勿使用 Middleware 來進行暴力攻擊身體行為。



<English>   Add <3-1>, <3-2>  Sub-Items

<3-1>  Before using Middleware, please link to  and accept into , you will be permitted to use the information. Do not do illegal way while using middleware.

<3-2> Do not be using of voilence method to get stuff.  Do not  rent out.  Do not distribute unregistered middleware .

<3-3>  Define Give —  You can testing and evalutation in EP iLogic from  , after evaluation please delete the middleware.

<Chinese>   增加 3-1, 3-2 項目

<3-1>  使用Middleware 之前,請至網路網頁確認下載協議,才能夠使用。  並請勿使用 Middleware 做出非法行為。

<3-2>  勿有未取得授權進行暴力購買情況,不可租借。未註冊的 Middlware 請勿散播。

<3-3> <給> 的定義 —  讓您評估與測試未註冊狀態 。  過了評估期後請自行刪除。


<English>       More description   

<3>  Middlewares are often used in Mechanical Engineering.  When you do not have  registered relative sutff.  It will be dangerous while you are  operating or designing.

<English>  <Items 1-5 >  Descriptions / Status

  • After getting Middleware you develop the Func and middleware in user’s device, please do the solid of code under environments and recoverable the system, when Middlewares are running.
  • Program’s memory and flash you must make certification and evaluation.
  • Middleware must communicate to EP iLogic,  becase they use epCODE protocol including Modicon.
  • When you are expired  that meaning you are finished the evaluation status and the testing,  please get ProdcutID from epOffice to continue use.
  • When you get the ProductID , you will get Middleware Source Code to develop the device.

<中文 Chinese>   依據 條列 1-5 做解釋與狀態

  • 取得中階軟件之後,在中階軟件環境下您開發的函式使用在設備理,請堅固環境下的程式並可以回復狀態,當中階軟件正在執行中時。
  • 開發時程式使用之記憶體需要被評估與測試,驗證系統穩定。
  • 中階軟件與 EP iLogic 通訊  使用 epCODE 通訊協定 內支援 Modicon 協定以進行使用。
  • 當您過了評估期後 (找到題目)   請向作者取得 ProductID 產品識別號碼繼續註冊記名使用。
  • 取得 ProductID  後  您會取得中階軟件原始碼,進行開發您設備。

Add Limited Sub-Items of EP iLogic CAD EULA

//    This documents shall be sync from in to in this Site.//    此文件會與 同步

<English> <20180908>       Add Items from <Item 9> , those item are restricted and forbidden !!
— Restricted Item NL–
NL: The relative of EP iLogic , the all of right  transfer to other people by other contract.       Description:   The other contract conflict with this item,  that contract is useless on this item for all of right.  Because E-mail can not be changed of privilege person.

<Chinese>   增加 < Item 9>  項目,這項目是被禁止的。
— 禁止項目 NL–
NL:  EP iLogic 相關軟體,轉讓或買斷所有權,簽署其他合約作讓與以及所有權出售給其他人。

解釋: 1.  若合約與此條相衝突,其他合約為無效情況。 (因為 E-mail 不可以改)   2. 需要當事人執行,執行限制項目,所以是採行授權方式。 (20230610)  

限制項目:   軟體功能上使用方式,以及應用方面須做整理設定情況。如表單應用,以及 Point 設計方式。(20230610)


<English> <20150526-1>  Add Items from <Item 9>  , those items are restricted and forbidden !!        — Restricted Item ML—

ML:  They are expired over 30 days , but  the using de-construction,(20230610) and dis-assemble method to get stuffs and continue use of CAD.
Description —  Outside Taiwan not to sell, and  please do not use crack and dis-assemble program to continue use,  Of course in Taiwan is also status.  Just use Viewer the make decision to you !! Because currently under testing and evaluation.  <20151205 Modified>

Description: <After Evaluation> User could software serivce of document for their business (20230610)

<Chinese>  <20150526-1>  增加項目 <依據項目 9>  ,

— 禁止項目 ML—

ML:  評估與測試期間30 天已過期 程式破解或是改變帳號 ,再繼續使用 CAD 請況。 解釋 :  台灣以外的廣域地區使用已經過期了 , 請勿使用方程式破解(20230610)智財行為取得行事  繼續使用 CAD 情況。直接使用 Viewer 檢測是去評估您的決定 !!  因為現在是評估與測試階段。 <20151205 修改>

解釋:  <過了評估期> 後您可以對您註冊的 ProductID     商業諮詢 | 工業應用 | 工商服務   (20230610)


<English>  <2015/05/26>  Add Items from <Item 9>, those items are restricted and forbidden !!

— Restricted Items KM LM —

KM:  <20151205 Reserved>

LM:  User Sell EP iLogic CAD , and  the source of relative EP iLogic CAD,

Description:    EP iLogic CAD can not be sold ,  that we built and made the union  make user join us and develop their stuffs (Get ProductID and Registration ).

<Chinese>  <2015/05/26>   增加項目 <依據項目 9>  , 加入這些禁止項目

—禁止項目 KM LM—

KM  :   <20151205 Reserved>

LM  :    買賣  EP iLogic CAD

解釋:您必須 研究與發展產生 ProductID 行為進行申請登錄,  登錄過後而您可以對您登錄的  ProductID 進行  商業行為 /專案諮詢 /工業應用 

M: ( Master Degree)


<English>  2015/04/02   Add  Item from <Item 9-E> , those items are restricted and forbidden !!

JI.  Use machine or device to force human body and threaten.   <20151205 Modified>

<Chinese>  2015/04/02   依據 Item 9-E   增加禁制條例

JI.  使用在機具設施對人身體以及精神上產生威脅等情事。


<English> Please read User Manual of Chinese Version — Chapter 13/14 ,  more description     EULA 9  A-HN

  •  Do not disasmble and modify.
  •  Do not re-product to sell.
  •  Do not Setup FTP to distribute self.
  •  Do not  Inverse Engineering,   please directly to use.

There is no people who is licensed by epOffice have source code of EP iLogic project to sell.  The source code of EP iLogic do not be sold.  (20170117)        please  when someone raise this non-authoring event of EP iLogic ,  mail to us !!  or  (Set up Item 4)   delete !!   ( just delete ,  no ctr-alt-del ,   because epOffice shall mail or post )

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<Chinese>    請查閱 中文使用手冊  十三、十四章節。  依據 <Items 9 A-HN>  更多說明相同解釋情況

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