End User License Agreements (V02-2 20200621) (20240316)

[Introduction TWICSS]

TWICSS , iLogic Connective System Site in Taiwan, (Chinese: 聯階系統專案) , Created in Hsinchu 2015.07 , Address: 1F No. 202 Gongyuan(Park) Rd. Zhudong (ChungDong) town. Hsinchu County, Taiwan. (Chinese:台灣 新竹縣竹東鎮公園路 202 號 一樓). Business Items: EP iLogic CAD/Viewer/Tester Service, LCOD, Middle-ware Consultant. Mechanical Virtualization of Engineering. Software Service, duty on working day AM 8:00~10:00 (20240316). This office is with EPOFFICE of (Union) Organization to implement LCOD. It is welcome to join us. Have nice day and work friendly with EP iLogic & Middle-ware are our innovation and conception.

2014-2015,2019 TWICSS(R), iLogic Connective System Site in Taiwan.

E-Mail: (Ivan Perng)

This software is middle-ware, the license is for between user and this software to be authorized by Licenser. When you have not the license and registration, please do not use this software after evaluation and any distribution. This license is for exclusive workstation that is installed EP ilogic Standard Edition including (beta) or Personal Edition, not distribution, be bonded within Virtual Device. It is grand that WEO_User (Evaluated Opening User in Workstation) Status and mail author or respond any status.

[Use Status & Items]

1. Middle-ware must communicate to EP-iLogic, If it is not, please do not use this middle-ware. 2. Middle-ware’s Library is for hardware extensive, user do not decompile, disassemble,reverse engineering, decode or any modification. 3. Middle-ware in Company and in Institute (Middleware_ICII) must be used Registered Middleware that be authorized Software by Licenser and notice for Internal Releasing Information. 4. When user find the defect of this software, The author will compensate limited 10 USD to user in first case and make notification to twicss. 5. When user have production, it needs ProductIDs(specific yield) to Record in Internal Releasing Information, Our service can make advertisements and information to world. Please Reserved ProcutID either get it from registration or Reserved Registration of ProductID from (subscribe).


1. Carefully and make Simulation in Virtual Huge-Machine, Please limited self with Virtual Device first before application law. 2. Please add label when you use in WEO_User@MachineName <mailto:WEO_User@MachineName>. or with OpenUser, the label is “iLogic Middleware,Unregistered, Please do not in dangerous and in ilegal way.” 3. For exculsive workstation to communicate. 4. The extensive of Limitation, please link to <> .


  1. When terminate, please do no use this software, please uninstall this software  under operative system term.
  2. Raise up illegal way, that shall terminate this license and be going to write mailing and post the event.

[Law and Treaties]

    This software is protected copyright law and international treaties. In Taiwan, When someone push hurting author/developer, this law and treaties is based on Legislation, Court in Hsinchu, to protect and to include this EULA (this document).

[This Licenser and Contact Information]

® 2014-2015,2019 Ivan Perng
Mobile: +886-983116186


Version Update and Record

Date: 20201116

Version: VirtualDeivce V0.1.4-2, Middleware


  1. Change EULA to Mechanical Virtualization of Engineering (V02-2-20200621).

Status:  Download Available

Download:  V0.1.4-2_20201121

Date: 20191112

Version: VirtualDevice V0.1.4-1, Middleware


  1.  Delay the evaluated status to triple.
  2.  Correct wrong word in documnts
  3.  Time’s up message   evaluate –> evaluated.

Download: V0.1.4-1_20191112

Date: 20191107

Version:  VirtualDevice V0.1.4 ,Middleware


  1. Created Project

Download: V0.1.4 20191107