How to define the CAD ?

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Now iLogic is A CAD, not only assistence but also aided to design device.

We refer dictionary form yahoo is Computer Aided Design.  When This CAD do not use Middleware,  they are Conceptive Models of human thinking.

We name it, [Conception Aided Design] properly to use virtual device.

The conception are ( Communication / Connective / Controller / Configuration ).




1 thought on “How to define the CAD ?

  1. Ivan Perng

    It is not properly in bioModel (Conception Aided Design) of any set, before application law. When do as CAD happen, so Please Limit in Power,Energy,Electric Only OK, to preform and documentation will be fine of yours to every one !!
    Before I said, only use the pc-mouse and pc-monitor with ep ilogic program to design LCOD for CAD usage only. That all.


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