Terms and conditions

What is Registration of ProductID ?

      ProductID is a starting code of registering production. After ProductID, Author(Ivan Perng: epOffice) shall record your registered information. After applying for Product Identification, We shall send you ProductID in two weeks. When you have ProductID that you can register your product and be licensed to continue use after evaluation. Ivan Perng (epOffice) shall provide Internal Releasing Information to you.

      When registration of ProdcutID, Ivan Perng(Author) may/will keep mailing, you can keep mailing in network. Now to have and to Subscribe(https://dca.epoffice.org/), you will have one ID.  When you have ID and registered software we will post information (e-mail) in epOffice to protect of your worth and will invite you to our Internal Releasing Information.

When you get Registration, what ivan perng do for you:

When you get ProductID,what Ivan Perng can do for you:

  • You could make a logo or a mark that mail to us and we will put them at website together.
  • We shall put the registering information especially e-mail in website.
  • EP iLogic CAD/Viewer shall be continue and show registered Software in program.

Downloading with this agreement.

Please read EULA of Download Software and this agreement carefully.

  1. EULA  — EP iLogic V1.1 / V1.2 / Middleware / VirtualDevice
  2. Do not put  into User’s FTP site for everyone.
  3. After you getting Middle-ware. You must get your license for your development environments especially TEPMWComponent project.
  4. Do not be testing under [dangerous and illegal way].
  5. [Personal Edition]  is  for Personal Use Only.
  6. Please mail to us for the documents after getting software and installing.
  7. Enter and Click Accept Link that meaning you agree those items.

please mail to ivan10232006@gmail.com about get license.